ViA® Card With Verified Offline Wallet (VOW)

The ViA® Card

The ViA® Card is the first pre-paid cash card in the world that offers 0% MDR FEE to the issuer's own customers. Whatever amount you want to spend will first need to be deposited into your ViA® Account.


VOW Security Features


VOW Tokens

  • When a vendor accepts a payment from a user's ViA Card® or from any other device or card with VOW on it, a VOW token is created.
  • The ViA MiniPay™ device stores the VOW tokens.
  • Then the vendor, at any time of day or perhaps several times a week, uploads their tokens into their ViA® Account.
  • The VOW tokens, regardless of how many are stored, are uploaded from their MiniPay™ Device to ViA's backend system for validation, and then they are credited to the vendor's ViA® account.
  • There is only a very small UPLOAD FEE. The upload fee is normally no more than US$ 0.15 per upload, maximum 0.5%.
  • A ViA® token can have any value, from the smallest denomination in each country up to the level of what ViA® will set as a max value per token.