ViA MiniPay™ Token is NOT Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin or Blockchain.

ViA MiniPay™
Cryptocurrency / Bitcoin /
Values backed 1:1 with real money. Values generated out of thin air.
As stable as real money. Fluctuates +/- 10% per day.
Balances kept track of in a bank. Balances kept track of in a worldwide distributed ledger.
Transactions protected by cryptographic signatures. Transactions protected by cryptographic signatures..
Transactions locked in and validated immediately. Transaction is not valid until consensus in the
distributed ledger (20 minutes).
Like traditional and secure cash transactions. Overhyped "investment" tool, not for payments.
Balance can generate interest. No interest applicable.

ViA® Trademarks

Here you can see each of the Registered Trade and Service marks, which ViA Global Holdings AG (VGH) possesses. These registrations has been made by the groups founder Lars Olof Känngård but all the rights to such registrations is part of the IP assets of VGH. The trademark and designs have been filed in many countries, in some countries the application is still pending, many other countries to follow.

The ViA registered trademark


This is the official ViA logotype. The ViA Logotype was first time registered back
in 2007 and has been registered in a large number of countries around the world.

To grasp the uniqnesse of the ViA logo

There is a unique design description to the ViA logotype, which you can look at here on this video. You can also visit www.viabrand.com and get more information. If you like to read more about the uniqueness of the design please visit: https://www.viabrand.com/via_logo_background.html

Here is the link to the YouTube Chanel

Link to the MiniPay YouTube Chanel

The founders note related the name ViA

You have reached this page and do deserve to get the real history of why we do use ViA as a name, so here is the background:

The history to the name and the use of "via", came-out of the idea to operate Dubai as a eHUB between East and West, whereas the name naturally became "ViA DUBAI".

The definition of the word ‘via’:

 The via preposition
   traveling through (a place) en route to a destination. "they came to Europe via Turkey"
   by way of; through. "they can see the artists' works via a camera hookup"
   by means of. "a file sent via electronic mail"

The acronyme for ViA:

‘via’ become first the acronym for ‘Virtual Instant Access’, but the co-founder Mats Engstrom, did not like the use of ‘virtual’. Which we debated for a few years.

The argument Mats was highlighting was that virtual’ s definition states:

    (a) almost or nearly as described, but not completely or according to strict definition.

    (b) COMPUTING: not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so. And

    (c) carried out, accessed, or stored by means of a computer, especially over a network. "a virtual library".

So actualy, Mats Engström did put the correct acronym for what we actually do: ViA Instant Access that’s the history behind the name of ViA and why adopted ViA as a brand.

State:, Lars Olof Känngård

ViAcard Registered Logotype


The ViAcard is a registered trademark.

When the ViA® concept was created back in 2004/2005 we did only use the name "ViA®" as the name for the card, but as time did pass, it become more obvious to say and use "ViA® CARD" as our registered name for our own card program. The ViA® Card has also become the name for our Thailand based operation, which was started already 2005 under the name of Payment Solution and when the ViA® Global Holding AG and its founder acquired two Thai companies under the name of Payment Solution 2008 (Thailand) Co Ltd, which came to be changed to ViA® Card (Thailand) Co Ltd in 2011.

For your information, the first public ViA® Card was launched as The ViA® Gold Card in 2007.

ViA® Care Registered Logotype


ViA® Care is another registered trademark which will be used for our charity programs, within the ViA® Group. The hart-formed "C" makes it very lovely.... and caring...

ViA Single Character


Here we have the ViA Single Character also another registered trademark. If you look closely, you can see all three letters or graphical images in ViA made into one single character.

The reason for us to create this, the ViA Single Character has its history from that traditional card-brands, had (before) a single character symbol imprinted as part of what was imprinted (embossed) in a credit card.

In the future we may use the ViA Single Character as a symbol for our e-money.

Another interesting development which came-out from the creation of the ViA Single Character, was a number of animations and graphical explanations where the character came alive. If you like to see the movie (animation) just click here.

VIAns registered Trademark


The ViAns were actually concurring the ViA Single Character, which had become a clown, so if you like to read the full story on how the ViAns came to live, just click here.

ViA a better way!


When the ViA model came to be created, we were working with many proposed slogans, such as "ViA the best way" but after internal battles, the founder Lars Olof Känngård convinced the team that "VIA A BETTER WAY" always can make things better and solve problems and present solutions. It is a slogan which never can be a limitation.

Another 'cool' thing with the slogan is that "ViA" means "the way through" and "a better way" also points out that we are on the way, so it is a slogan which has a so called double synonymy....