Welcome Message from CVO


ViA's leadership has been fine-tuned over the past several years. Today, we are blessed to have some of the most outstanding minds in existence planning the future for the good of all - banked or unbanked. Following is our Chairman and Chief Visionary Officer's welcome message to you.

"As Chief Visionary Officer and Chairman of the Board of ViA® Global Solutions, I welcome you to a new world of innovation! As the holding company for our world-wide group of companies (and growing rapidly), ViA® is the culmination of many years of taking ideas and putting them into practice, beginning with when I filed for my first patent in Sweden at the age of 16.

My travels have taken me from Sweden to the Canary Islands to the United States, from Dubai to Thailand with many more countries in between, and finally to Mumbai in India where so many of the world's past innovations had their beginning.

Here we are continuing to shape the future, not only for India, but also for Egypt and the countries of Africa with the rest of the continents of this great globe on the drawing board. Enjoy our website and join us in our excitement for what is just around the corner for the good of all people, banked or unbanked."

Very sincerely,

Lars Olof Känngård