Merchants & Street Vendors

ViA® Merchant

The ViA® Merchant is any retail shop, small grocery store, mini-mart, supermarket, family business, and even small street stands. ViA® Card has focused 10 years on developing and designing a POS model which can create new revenues for the merchant. With the ViA® eBM, only one device is needed for many functions, foremost to register and to use for a card transaction.


Implementing the ViA® CMS and ViA® SMS lets the merchants focus on what is important and start using sales and marketing tools. Moreover, they can start to earn new revenues from knowing what to sell and to whom, along with information on their most valuable assets - their regular, loyal customers. This solution builds high loyalty and new trust chains with regular customers and potentially new ones.

Different functions and public services can be handled by the ViA® Merchant Model along with the ViA® Cashier Solution. The ViA® Cashier Solution makes it possible for even the smallest merchant to handle logistics and items sold in the same way as any traditional shop.

ViA® merchants normally operate the ViA® eBM device online. But, if needed, the merchant can accept offline transactions when there is no internet available.

Two basic conditions must exist when the ViA® merchant accepts CASH OUT using a ViA® card.

  • The merchant where the 'Cash Out' is requested needs to have that amount of cash in hand.
  • Local regulation must not restrict 'Cash Out' transactions.

Becoming a ViA® Street Vendor
Anyone who sells a service or product anywhere, anyplace - can become a ViA® vendor using the ViA MiniPay™ Device. A ViA® vendor can be any individual or a registered small business entity.

A ViA® agent or a ViA® merchant can handle a new vendor registration - RIGHT ON THE SPOT.
  • Mobile phone number (if available)
  • The new vendor is registered instantly and the location and type of products or services the vendor offers are recorded.
The new vendor receives:
  • A ViA® (vendor) Account, which is like a debit card account. This account can be managed online or at a ViA® merchant location using the ViA® eBM (POS) device or by using the ViA® Online App.
  • A ViA® card
  • A ViA MiniPay™ Device

Benefits for Merchants & Street Vendors

  • Enables small traders to compete using existing infrastructure; or new hardware if preferred.
  • Enables street salesman, taxi drivers etc. to accept card payments and process e-commerce transactions.
  • Enables card acceptance for home deliveries and home sales forces.
  • Enable new services like ViA® Cash-Point, withdrawal and Top-Up.
  • Instant settlement for all involved parties.
  • Low transaction fee.
  • ViA® Ledger and ViA® Virtual Corporate Platform enable instant proper financial records for small businesses.
  • Direct loyalty program available as well as ViA® Plus Count.
  • Can accept other values than money, to tailor local society solutions.
  • Open platform enables futuristic IT integration for practical or future gadgets, like notifications, consolidating branches.
  • Global users become local users as the ViA NET™ is broadened where the merchants do not pay extra for a card issued in another country.

The Value of Retail Space

With ViA's electronic Business Machine (eBM), the POS becomes a multi-function and multi-purpose device, a new revenue-generator. Thus, it becomes the most valuable space in any shop. Every inch in a shop counts.

It is important to evaluate which space in a store can bring the most profits. Space that can better serve the Merchant by using that space for more revenue options.