The ViA® Consumer


YOU are the foundation for the whole ViA® model. ViA works for YOUR interest and to protect YOUR values. ViA® is a global, instant clearing and settlement solution, where YOU the consumer, along with the small merchant, become WINNERS!

The first payment innovation which revolutionises the way you, the consumer and your family handle values, in any form - cash you use to top up your ViA account; the salary you receive from your employer; or the money you receive from a friend, family member, or from abroad.

As a ViA customer, you have your own ViA Online™ account which is easily accessed from a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, iPad or any other device using internet. Or you can access your details when you are visiting a ViA Merchant. You can create accounts for your children or extended family members and control their spending and pre-approve where they spend their values.

Get your own ViA card!
Consumers need to have either a ViA card or any other card that has the Verified Offline Wallet (VOW) and is a smart chip card. It can be a branded bank card, (Visa or MasterCard) where the issuing bank has implemented the ViA Wallet onto their card. The smart chip and NFC technology can also be fashioned into a wrist band as a payment device. The local mobile phone user may implement their sim card directly onto the Verified Offline Wallet software. VOW requires a mobile phone to be NFC enabled.

As the ViA cardholders grow to become millions of users, ViA will safeguard their valuable spending data, so that such information can become a new business within ViA®, but you as the owner of your spending data will always be protected and have a way to earn money by being a part of our 'user community.'

Benefits for Cardholders

  • Virtual 'bank' account.
  • Low cost for account v/s normal bank account.
  • Carry less cash.
  • Enable micro payments.
  • Enable online Internet purchases without disclosing personal details.
  • Enables Micro-Escrow transactions.
  • STS transaction security guaranteed.
  • Remittances at low or NO transaction cost.
  • Based on Islamic values.
  • Can create and monitor accounts within the family - no charges.
  • ViA Card version with RFID and Photo ID gives proper identity.
  • More to spend with Value Added Features such as Plus Count.
  • Usable globally, and also in your own local currency.