61+ Benefits

Our slogan is "EVERYONE IS A WINNER!"
There are at least 10 different groups who benefit from adopting the ViA® Model and concept. With this experience and over 20 years of continuous market research, consumer behaviour studies and a lot of gained hands-on knowledge, we actually can expand the list with a few more points:

Benefits for Cardholders

  1. Virtual 'bank' account.
  2. Low cost for account v/s normal bank account.
  3. Benefits of being a cardholder - carry less cash.
  4. Enable micro-payments.
  5. Enable online purchases without disclosing personal details.
  6. Enables micro-escrow transactions.
  7. STS transaction security guaranteed.
  1. Remittances at low or NO transaction cost.
  2. Based on Islamic values.
  3. Able to create and monitor all family member accounts - no charge.
  4. ViA® Card version with RFID and Photo ID for proper identity.
  5. More to spend with value-added features, such as Plus Count.
  6. Use globally, and also in own local currency.

Benefits for Merchants

  1. Enables small traders to compete using existing infrastructure; or new hardware if preferred.
  2. Enables street salesman, taxi drivers etc. to accept card payments and process e-commerce transactions.
  3. Enables card acceptance for home deliveries and home sales forces.
  4. Enable new services like ViA® Cash-Point, withdrawal and Top-Up.
  5. Instant settlement for all involved parties.
  6. Low transaction fee.
  7. ViA® Ledger and ViA® Virtual Corporate Platform enable instant proper financial records for small businesses.
  8. Direct loyalty program available as well as ViA® Plus Count.
  9. Can accept other values than money, to tailor local society solutions.
  10. Open platform enables futuristic IT integration for practical or future gadgets, like notifications, consolidating branches.
  11. Global users become local users as the ViA NET™ is broadened where the merchants do not pay extra for a card issued in another country.

Benefits for SMEs

  1. Enables SMEs to accept card payments.
  2. Online solutions without expensive certificate solutions like 3D.
  3. Instant settlement and reporting facilities.
  4. Reduces grey market conduct - money collection becomes fully legitimate.
  1. Cash and card payments empowered with reporting tools.
  2. VAT or Government reporting can be handled instantly online.
  3. ViA® Ledger Service saves time and eases legislation problems.
  4. Competitive to majors - uses same infrastructure or new hardware.

Benefits for Supporting Bank-Issuer

  1. Eliminates security concerns and financial fraud
  2. Eliminates identity frauds
  3. Reduces number of high-cost accounts
  4. Eliminates Charge Backs
  1. Reduces administration cost
  2. Potential to offer new services to new segments in local market
  3. Not necessary to invest in technology/transaction revenue splits.

Benefits for Pool Account Bank Partners

  1. Expands capital base
  2. Increases earnings from cash "float"
  1. New source of future customers

Benefits for Companies adopting ViA®

  1. Reduce cost of wage payments - direct debit to account.
  2. Reduced cost for sending wages to employers abroad.
  3. Use cards as:
    • ID - to eliminate fake employees
    • Personnel record
    • Time card
    • One action cancellation of employee rights on termination
    • Pension and leave records
    • Health data and other personal records
  4. Enable futuristic IT integration to existing or future corporate solutions
  5. Empower the corporation with better financial solutions, leading to less social problems.

Benefits for Governments

  1. Direct debit of payments/allowances - reduce cost ; improve timing
  2. Eliminate citizen attendance at Government offices
  3. Acts as ID card and citizen record - correct name, address, dependants. Reduces confusion of dual spelling of names
  4. Enable secure implementation of online eGovernment applications and services, where identity frauds are eliminated
  5. Can link to other data bases - car license, medical history, crime record
  6. Security - eliminate fraud at all levels
  7. Enable uncontrolled business to become legitimate and enables direct reporting for monetary movements
  8. VAT reporting facilities for the street salesman, daily, weekly monthly...

Benefits for Country Partners

  1. Rewarding and profitable business
  2. Inspiring vision and unique Business Model Innovation
  1. Public benefit to solve and contribute to a better and safer society
  2. Become part of a global community and network

Benefits of the ViA® Pool Account

  1. Pool Account (customer's fund) or the 'custodian account' is always protected property of its depositor. At the time when the ViA® model reaches out globally, the administration of all the Pool Accounts might be conducted by an open foundation and a unique auditing function, which will be a part of the ViA® Solution, optimising the costumer's protection.
  2. Global netting and exchange solution where revenues are redistributed within the ViA® system and its customers.