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The ViA team has made more than 60 patent applications over the years and counting.

Patent applications for the latest innovation, MiniPay, and the accompanying unique smart-chip-based offline tokenization filed in June 2017.

ViA has an intellectual property portfolio (IP-Rights) of registered and non-registered trademarks, service marks, slogans, and web names.

We have been as many as 80 people involved at one time in developing the ViA model, its diverse service solutions. More than one million person-hours invested.

Extensive Market and consumer research were conducted in the MEA region, West Africa, Asia, and India.

Company Profile

So much more than a new payment solution

ViA Global Solutions Pte. Ltd. (ViA) is based on a Business Model Innovation (BMI) that, as early as 1998, was inspiring people around the world to think in new directions, that the traditional way of handling transactions and values could be conducted in a very 'disruptive' manner. Thus, the vast majority of consumers around the world could become an integral part of our modern e-society.

The unique ViA Business and Revenue Model Innovations, supported by a state-of-the-art suite of proprietary, in-house developed systems and security solutions, was created in 1998 and is now a world-class, patented payment solution, contributing to a safe, free and affordable payment solution, targeting the global consumers who have been excluded from a digital society.

ViA offers a very broad solution to everyone, consumer or vendor, banked or unbanked. Besides being a card product,our latest patent applied innovation, the ViA MiniPayDevice (MPD), offers, for the first time in the world, a truly affordable OFFLINE POS. The ViA MPD is a secure digital payment solution, based on NFC and smart chip technology, which contributes to 100% financial inclusion rather than 75% exclusion.

The ViA Model also has a POS Terminal Network (EDC terminals) or, as we have come to define it, a Cluster of Devices. This POS terminal has a unique name, the ViA eBM device (Electronic Business Machine), which indicates that it does more than just handle card transactions. The ViA concept is an open, flexible, in-house developed system, hardware solutions, without third-party platforms or licenses.

ViA Global Solutions is destined to become the largest payment service provider in the world, as so often has happened in the history of mankind, will be [among those countries] leading the way!

ViA is a solution provider, with the following unique features

  • ViA-Singel-Char-greenBusiness & Revenue Model Innovation
  • ViA-Singel-Char-greenInstant payment and settlements
  • ViA-Singel-Char-greenOpen value-added service platform
  • ViA-Singel-Char-greenSmart chip enabled ViA Card
  • ViA-Singel-Char-greenNational e-value hub solution
  • ViA-Singel-Char-green100% open source-based transaction hub
  • ViA-Singel-Char-greenConsumer validation of ATM and POS
  • ViA-Singel-Char-greenMicro e-commerce ready
  • ViA-Singel-Char-greenCRM for the smallest business
  • ViA-Singel-Char-greenData mining enabled
  • ViA-Singel-Char-greenOffline secure payment solution
  • ViA-Singel-Char-greenOffline wallet solution - Verified Offline Wallet


To become the largest Micro Transaction solution provider in the world, with 50 million ViA MiniPay™ devices, to reach at least 300 million users within the next 10 years, thus enabling 100% inclusion.


The ViA Group's mission is to build a global secure payment and transaction solution that is an alternative to traditional networks, with its focus on unbanked and underserved consumers across the globe.