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So, you did come to the Partners page! Welcome, there are a lot of deep thoughts behind the facts on this page, content written by the founder of the ViA Group, who is dyslexic. Grammar is far away as good as his many innovations. If you do no know what dyslexia is, download EY Report, here is the link: EY Dyslexia Report

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Your Wallet?

Wallet with cards and cash
Looks the same click here!

You are among the MINORITIES!

You are likely among the world’s MINORITIES!

Most likely you thought you are among the majority of users in the world.

If you take up your wallet, you will find a few debit cards, likely an ATM card and a few credit cards, or you have the payment services you do use on your smartphone.
If that reflects who you are, then you are a minority group in the global society and most likely you will not grasp the significance of this innovation, and the Socioeconomic values of creating inclusions, it is likely falls outside your scope of interest.
If you are, not a ‘copy-cat’ type of individual and you still believe that big innovations are still out there, today likely unknown, to you. Read more, ask questions if needed and open your eyes to the unknown knowns, which innovation (patent applied June 2017) has been known as Chip2Chip


Wallet with cards and cash

Thinking outside the box!!?
Why should I?
It's way too comfortable in here!

Prmosion or ...
Got fired and bringing his box as he leaves te office

You got fired and kindly asked to bring your comfortable box somewhere else?

Jumping to conclusions based on that you know everything, concerning what you know leaves the unknown knows hidden for yourself and your boss…

Don’t be fooled by a tech-wizard

If you are a potential partner who read this website, your first impression would likely be: “WOW this sounds truly good”, so thereafter you would ask a ‘Tech-Guy’ about our innovation... Likely very quickly the Tech-Guy comes back and tells you;

Oh,, that solution already exists! or he or she may tell you that;
...blockchain is the future…

If that person is on your payroll, you should likely reconsider his or her position. Such a conclusion can only come from someone who doesn’t know, who lives comfortable and safe in his or her box and never need to think outside the box or even be openminded that there are the unknown, knowns, out there, which eventually will become a global standards.

Simply return a question: “How can payments be done, without a mobile phone, no internet, and no external electricity and be processed and reconciliation at the spot, no interaction to a backend system.”

100% sure that the tech-person in question quickly will realize that there are still BIG things to be invented, even a fair, secure and affordable solution for replacing coins and banknotes.

"When I was a 15-year-old kid, back in Sweden, in 1971, I invented a Radio-Reflector solution embedded in a pricetag, for preventing shoplifting, only the police authorities and STU (The board for Technical Developments) were interesting to trace bank robberies. They did not see the bigger picture. Look today in the world, every cloth shop uses RFID to prevent shoplifting, the Radio-Reflector was an early version of what then later become known as RFIID-Tags… States Lars Olof Kanngard

Wallet with cards and cash
Doing what others do...

Don't dear to do new things...!

Become a Partner to the ViA Group

You don’t need to make a new hairstyle to be the partner we are looking for, but you ought to have an open mind for new thinking and grasp the larger picture of what others never have done before.
To become a partner in 2022 you would be part of the early phase of investors and the ticket size can vary from $500,000 up to $5.0 million.
You should preferably have experience or a network of contacts that could add additional value to the substantial pre-development and pre-market investments the ViA Group have made over the years before we did invent our latest patent applied innovation, now known as Chip2Chip. The future ROI is high.
We plan to operate the headquarter from Singapore and have our core team based in Singapore.
By 2023 we do plan to initiate a SPAC in N.Y and race needed funding for starting to multiply the solution as autonomous national solutions.
With the right partners, a future IPO can become a historical event.

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